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Escape the busy tourist areas in Dallas and explore the lively Oak Cliff neighborhood. Here, you can discover cool independent shops, enjoy the charming Bishop Arts District, and savor dining choices along the way. Experience Dallas's unique and exciting side in this trendy, hidden neighborhood Little Mexico.

Experience the flavors of different cultures brought to you by expert chefs showcasing the authentic cuisine of their home countries.

Cultural Murals and Artwork: Dive into the vivid colors and rich stories of culturally important murals and artwork along the route, which capture the essence and spirit of the local community.

Boutique Shopping: Discover charming boutiques offering unique treasures that beautifully capture the spirit of the area, providing an opportunity to take a piece of Jefferson Blvd home with you.

Historic Landmarks: Uncover the captivating history of Texas through visits to historic landmarks that have shaped the region's identity, creating a tapestry of stories that resonate to this day.


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  • Tastings are prepared to be gluten-friendly but are not prepared in gluten-free kitchens.
  • Weekend tours at 11 am.
  • All ages are invited to join, with specific tours tailored for those aged 13 and up.
  • Dress comfortably and confidently at all of our restaurants.


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Qonaqları seçin
Dekabr 2, 2023 - $98.90
11: 00 am - 2: 00 pm
Dekabr 3, 2023 - $98.90
11: 00 am - 2: 00 pm
Dekabr 9, 2023 - $98.90
11: 00 am - 2: 00 pm


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